Becoming a member

By becoming a Member of the TGN community, you gain access to London's most elite network of professionals with a focus on financial and related industries. All Golden Network Members get priority entrance to some of the most exclusive events and benefit from our partners' incredible deals using their personalized members card. Differences between our membership options are displayed in the below table.


Membership application can simply be done online by filling our quick questionnaire. All applications are reviewed prior to acceptance. By restricting access to our network, we aim to create trust and confidence within the community, ensuring that the Members share a similar set of interests and lifestyle and avoiding any spamming accounts. In this way, we aim to create an environment conducive to privacy, comfort and confidence.


Benefits Pay as you go members Lite Gold members
Individual access (£25/month)
Pure Gold members
Up to 3 representatives (£40/month)
Access to The Golden Network online platform
Access to our partners offers
Access to The Golden Network events On a Pay As You Go basis (price of the events varies) Complimentary or heavily discounted Complimentary or heavily discounted
Access to the members search, posting and messaging facilities
Invitation to VIP events

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