Past Events

Finance and Investment Club, Meet up #10

22nd of November @ 18:30 | This event was hosted at: NM Finance, Dawson House, London

The Golden Network is delighted to host the tenth edition of our 'Finance and Investment Club'. Join us on Wednesday 22nd November for a great roundtable evening!

The event will be held at TGN member Neil Denman’s offices: NM Finance and the mediator will be experienced commodity sale and novelist Ashley Boolell. 

The topics for the debate will be released no later than 1 week before the date of the event and refreshments (Beers, wines and soft drinks) will be served throughout the evening. 


The upcoming student loan crisis. How bad can it get?

Student loans have ballooned to unprecedented levels over the past ten years. This is especially true in the anglo world where earning a degree almost always means taking on significant amounts of debt. However, the poor job market has not enabled a major portion of new graduates to monetise their qualifications as well as they had expected, and the loans cannot be written off. Some analysts believe that student loans are a bomb waiting to explode and that it could be far worse than the subprime crisis.

The Finance and Investment Club requests your presence to debate the following:

- How much of a threat are student loans to the financial sector?
- Can the current system be reformed?
- Has earning a degree become a race to the bottom? 


Jura London 1st Year Anniversary

9th of November @ 18:30 | This event was hosted at: Jura London Store

We are thrilled to invite all members to celebrate famous Swiss brand Jura 1st year anniversary in London! Join The Golden Network for an exquisite evening of Bubbles, Coffee and Networking!

The event will be held at the Jura store in Marylebone and will allow you to discover their fabulous machines, story and long term vision for the brand.

During the evening, you will be able to sample some of their finest coffee along with delicious Swiss Chocolate.

Drinks and Swiss cheese will also be served throughout the evening.


Networking & Investing

24th of October @ 18:00 | This event was hosted at: Octopus Investments offices

‘Say goodbye to the stuffy old way of doing things.’ – Octopus Investments

Join The Golden Network and Intelligence Forums members for another collaborative event, this time around investment opportunities!

The event will be held at the Octopus Lab offices and will allow you to discover their new product Octopus Choice whilst networking with like-minded professionals and making new connections.

The Octopus team will share their insight on new investment opportunities; a great occasion to pick their brain on the current investment landscape and get personal / professional advises.

Drinks and canapés will be served throughout the evening.